The best in lakeside cottage living

This cottage is by far our favorite getaway on the lake. It retains all the integrity of its original era, yet it's beautifully decorated and appointed with comfortable period furniture in charming detail. Feels like an Adirondack camp in many ways. The house has all the amenities, but it still gives you that get-away-from-it-all feeling every vacationer seeks. The beach is one of the best on Keuka Lake, and the deck is a great place to wile away a summer's day. A perfect spot for a Finger Lake vacation!

A taste of heaven

While staying at this wonderful place, you forget your troubles and everything beyond this personal Shangrala. It's beautiful in all kinds of weather-inside and out The views, the air and water are heaven-sent One of the most quiet, peaceful & restorative places you could ever imagine. Rustic, charming with most of the amenities of home. Can't wait to go back.

Jim, Geneva, NY

One word describes this Haven Amazing

I had the chance to visit the Springer's Haven a couple months ago and if there is any word that can describe this getaway even a little, it is amazing. Being able to wake up to the beautiful trees and peaceful water, feels as if you are in a dream. The rustic and elegant feel of the interior makes you wish that you could stay there forever, and let your mind free. I loved being there; sitting on the dock and watching the ripples in the water is indescribable, and I cannot wait to have the opportunity to go back again.

The Haven Lover
Buffalo, NY