Rental FAQ

Can we rent for a few days?
Unfortunately not. Our minimum is one week

Please  be sure to contact owwer by this email address:  or call (585)  750-0462

Is there a boat launch and marina nearby?
Yes and yes.  The nearest boat launch is 1.25 miles away, north, just inside the Keuka state park. The nearest Marina is the North End Marina. See our page of Area Attractions for more details.

Are Linens provided?
Yes there are, but there is a fee for preparing, cleaning, making beds, laundering, etc. Sheets, pillowcase, towels, blankets are provided. BEACH TOWELS ARE NOT INCLUDED.  If you prefer to bring all your own linens and towels, and take them all away at the end of your stay, the fees for cleaning these items, and making beds etc will be waived.

Are Fireworks Permitted?
No, fireworks are not permitted on the property. 

Are pets allowed?
No. We owners have severe allergies, and we never make exceptions—even for guests to bring a pet. No pets on the property anywhere outside or in. Your respect and understanding is greatly appreciated.

Is smoking permitted?
This is a BIG no. Not even on the property, do we allow smoking. We owners are very conscious of the environment & health, and we feel the best match for us with tenants, is any non-smoking small group anywhere on our property.  This is strictly enforced, so thanks for your understanding.